Make Your Office Space Stand Out On a Budget

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Decor, Style

Want to impress your colleagues and boss? How about styling your cubicle? I know for most of us, our workplace is something that rarely gets our attention to be decorated, but as a matter of fact we on an average spend almost eight to nine hours at work. Being a second home, one must style it in a way that it stands out so that working becomes a good experience! Here are a few ways, inspired from Alexandra Grater’s Home Primp series, by which you can totally change the look of your cubicle.


Before you start styling your cubicle it’s important to decide how you would organize your stuff. In a place as small as a cubicle, organization is key. Mark this—files and papers cluttered up in your cubicle looks very unprofessional. So sort out your things based on their functionality. Use drawers for this and keep your files and important papers at one place while stationary and other handy stuff in a separate drawer. In case you run out of drawers, use baskets instead.


Having a perfect amount of light not only helps you work efficiently but also creates a warm and cozy environment that feels like home. Use different types of lights to lit your cubicle. You can decorate the walls with string lights that can also function for holding papers and post-it-notes. Invest some money in buying a beautiful lamp that can also function as a decorative piece.


Most of the cubicles are designed with dull metallic or any other hardware material. In order to add some color, work on your walls a little. An expensive way is to add a wallpaper. Think of some bold color and texture that can immediately brighten up your day.


An easiest way of decorating your cubicle is with some art. You can buy some inexpensive frames or even reuse the ones that you don’t use at home, spray paint them according to the theme you have already set and hang them on the walls with some beautiful yet thoughtful pictures.


Personalize your cubicle with some photographs of yours by hanging them in frame or just sticking them in a ray of string. You can also bring in some of the stuff from your home like an ornamental piece that your mother gave you on Christmas or any other thing that reminds you of some beautiful memory. That way you can feel like home and your job won’t become a hectic and boring routine.


Don’t leave your floor bare, add a warm and cozy rug that catches the attention of everyone who steps in your cubicle. Remember, your cubicle is your sacred place, don’t shy away at spending some money on it. If you are short on budget you can bring a rug from your home too. The key is to showcase the stuff you already have.


Finish up the look with some plants. Greenery is a must, so place a few pots of succulents, eucalyptus and other green leafy plants here and there in your cubicle. Plants not only brighten up your day but also detox your environment.

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