Gigi’s Top 4 Street Styles

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Celebs

The eye candy from the house of Hadid gathers paparazzi around her the moment she steps on streets! Gigi is a hypnotic figure that gets the attention of everyone—her drop dead gorgeous figure, dreamy hair, and sexy cheekbones we all covet have made her rise from Instafamous to legit super stardom. Looks aren’t enough for models anymore though, in the age of social media, we want to follow our fave celebs every move and expect them to deliver style #inspo daily. Gigi’s street game is  strong and we love her effortless cool style. Here are 4 styles that Gigi rocks to keep her winning the street game.

The Chic Angelic Grey Look

Let’s just all take a moment out and praise this prima donna for carrying a color as sober as grey with such chicness. I mean how can you do that? Here Gigi wears a grey jersey crop-top with an embroidered high neck and confidently flaunts her abs. She matches it with PJS/trousers with longs cuts on its either sides. This gives Gigi a chance to flaunt her luscious legs as she carries this sober yet sexy attire.


Straight Outta 80’s

Here the mini crop top is a total game changer that Gigi carries with a pair of jeans and a baggy jacket making it look like an 80’s trend. I mean can it get any less challenging? With hair gathered in a high ponytail, Gigi completes the look with a pair of ray ban glasses.

Spiced Up With A Fur Jacket

Here Gigi does a blue and orange combo that she balances with a plain white T-shirt. With something as simple as a white shirt and pair of jeans, Gigi brings the fire by wearing the furry blue and orange jacket. And yes, let’s not forget the orange sneakers that totally goes with the look.

Hipster, Leveled Up

This is one is my all times favorite look of Gigi where she wears a check patterned jumper and trousers and completes the look with long leather boots and a pair of stylish black sunglasses. I am totally loving this green check combined with black look. What about you guys?

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