5 Movies for Date Night

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Tips

Have you got bored of your date nights? Spending your time and money at lavish restaurants that has become a routine? I know you want to try something new. What about a movie night with your boo? Sounds good, No? Here are some movies that are ever romantic and have the potential of hundred percent entertainment. You can watch them with your bae on weekends or even holidays like Christmas. Prepare for him some snacks and invite him over for a movie night. I guarantee that it will be a whole lot of fun!
Based on a novel by Nicholas Spark, Dear John is a perfect choice for a date night. It’s romantic, tragic and sentimental, but above all it has a wonderful script that has a potential of impacting you and your partner. The bonus point—it stares Channing Tatum! So what are you ladies waiting for? Prepare a delicious dinner this weekend and enjoy the movie!

Passengers is a Science Fiction Romance—an emerging genre that has caught the eye of a great audience. So if you are someone who is a fan of both romance and sci-fi, consider watching Passengers which is a perfect blend of two. It has a wonderful cast—Jenifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen who have given an enthralling performance. The sizzling chemistry between Lawrence and Pratt will definitely remain in your minds forever!

For the people who are admirers of tragedies, The Vow can really impress them! Based on a true story, the movie is full of emotions and sentiments that are well played by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. The critic Helen O’Hara remarks, ‘The few weaknesses in the plot can be overlooked as The Vow makes for a wonderful—if a bit teary—romance that is brilliantly acted’. So isn’t this movie worth giving a chance?

Starring Kate Winslet who has remained our all times favorite since the release of her movie Titanic, The Mountain Between Us that recently got released in 2017 is wonderful tale of survival, adventure and romance. The chemistry between Elba and Winslet is a little subtle especially in the beginning but becomes more obvious as the story unfolds. Little Tip: watch the movie on a snowy eve that will help you relate to the chilly setting of the movie. Or a scoop of ice-cream can also do the trick!

If your partner doesn’t like sentimental or dramatic stuff much, consider watching this romantic comedy that is full of humor, wits and of course romance. The choice of watching this movie can never go wrong as it stars ladies’ favorite Zac Efron, I know you can’t risk the chance of missing this movie. Other cast includes Imogen Poots, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. Brace yourself and be prepared to wactch this awkward combo of cast this weekend!

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